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Fuel your day with a healthy breakfast

Baked daily, freshly brewed and professionally served!

Below is a sample of a breakfast that includes both a continental and hot selection, but some breakfasts contain only one or the other.

Sample Continental Selection


Mini Fruit Filled Pastries

Danish pastries bursting with cream cheese, mixed berries and apple cinnamon fillings


Mini French Butter Croissants

Freshly baked plain, chocolate, almond and cheese filled croissants


Mini Scones

Assortment of mini scones including cranberry and blueberry


Mini Muffins

Raisin bran, carrot spice, banana dream and blueberry passion


Mini Cinnamon Buns

Handmade with a cinnamon glaze and drizzled with icing sugar


Mini Donuts

Assortment of donuts including icing sugar, plain and crunch


Breakfast Breads

A selection of freshly baked and sliced breakfast breads including apple cinnamon, banana and chocolate 


Mini Bagels

Old fashioned mini bagels served with assorted cream cheeses such as traditional, garlic & herb and mixed berries


Portuguese Tarts

A crisp, flaky crust with a creamy caramelized custard center

Hot Selection


Vegetable and Cheddar Frittata

Assorted bell peppers, broccoli and cheddar cheese baked in an egg batter


Pork Sausages

Tasty pork breakfast sausage links


Bacon Strips

Crisp maple cured bacon strips


Home Fries

Yukon gold potatoes oven roasted with fresh herbs and spices


Signature Fruit Salad

Chunks of seasonal fruit including mouthwatering pineapple, assorted melon, mixed berries and citrus fruit


Beverage Service

Assorted fruit juices served in insulated beverage tins with ice


Fresh Brewed Colombian Coffee and Tea Service

Fresh brewed coffee and hot water served with individually portioned Red Rose teabags, milkettes, creamers, sugar, sweetener and stir sticks

We deliver and set-up on time and within budget.
Allow the team of professionals at Spectrum Catering to start your day off right!

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